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Scholarships & Grants

  1. Honor (Valedictorian & Salutatorian)

    100% TF and 100% Lab Fee for Valedictorian & 75% Tuition Fee and 75% for Laboratory Fee for Salutatorian. Scholarship is guaranteed for four years. Honorable mentions are also given with a corresponding  scholarship percentage based on their academic rank.

  2. Entrance (Alfelor Scholarship)

    The student can avail a  scholarship based on the points earned in the scholarship examination.

  3. Academics

    The scholarship is given to old students who maintain the grades of 1.75 and above in the current semester without any disqualifying grade.

  4. PESFA

    The scholarship is granted by TESDA whose candidates must pass the examination. .


    This scholarship is awarded to any athlete who pass the screening of the sports committee of CCDI Wildcats basketball.

  6. City Scholarship Program

    This scholarship is sponsored by the local government of Sorsogon City. The applicant must pass examination given by the City Scholarship Committee. Qualified students being granted with this scholarship, provided he or she shall render service to the school in exchange to the scholarship grant awarded to him/her.

  7. BSIM and Animation Scholarship
This grant is given to destitute students who want to pursue any of these two courses. First come, first serve basis.